UNITED ASIA Beam saw safety precautions

UNITED ASIA Beam saw safety precautions

UNITED ASIA Beam saw safety precautions



Most accidents happen because of negligence and simple safety procedures, a simple but very important rule: Do not attempt to clean, lubricate, or repair the machine while the electronic saw is running. Remember that the safety equipment provided by the manufacturer is only a precautionary measure against basic accidents. The most important foot owners have responsibility for the production of accident-free production processes, and machine owners must keep this in mind.

The operator must be trained and follow safety procedures.

Safety procedures must be posted in each of the white work areas.

Operators must carefully read and observe the following safety rules for this purpose:

1. The operator of the electronic open saw must pass the physical examination, obtain training certificates for operation training, and hope to do this work.

2. Persons who have symptoms after drinking and taking medication are prohibited to operate, maintain, and maintain the machine.

3, electronic open saw design instrument for one person to operate the device.

4. The operator should check whether the safety and maintenance are performed correctly before starting the machine. The machine has no obvious fault.

5. Always use the machine for small overloads.

6, if there is a fault, especially related to safety procedures, the operator should inform the supervisor or equipment supervisor.

7. If these accidents endanger the safety of the operator, the machine must be stopped and the power supply and air supply must be cut off. Warning signs should be placed on the obvious parts of the machine.

8, when the maintenance of the machine or other work, all involved people must inform.

9, the machine must be used in accordance with no requirements, small for use outside the design.

10. Technical modifications affecting the operation and safety of the machine must be done by the manufacturer's professional or explicitly allowed.

11. If it is unavoidable to maintain or repair the machine during operation, this work must be done by a professional.

12, small to wear rings, watches, jewelry, and loose hanging apparel such as: ties, tearing clothes, unbuttoned jacket or pull zipper work pants, etc., to prevent work involved in the rotating part. Remember to wear accident prevention clothing such as work clothes, work caps, goggles, gloves (do not wear gloves) during work.

13, refused to involve the violation of safety regulations boss requirements.

14, wear gloves to clean the machine, beware of saw blade hurt your hand. Suitable methods for cleaning the machine, such as vacuum cleaners, brushes and rags, are not allowed to use collapsing air to clean the electrical box.

15. When cleaning, maintaining, and servicing the machine, turn off the main power and lock the power disconnect switch in the “OFF” position.

16, electronic saws should be reliably grounded.

L7. Use only ideal work-pieces.

18. Before turning on the machine, make sure that all the accessories are securely in place. Unrelated items (cloths, tools, etc.) are removed from the machine.

19, the use of tools, cleaning equipment and other cleaning machines.

20. Never overload the machine.

21. Ensure that the working area of the machine is appropriate.

22. Make sure the operator is working on a solid, flat and non-slip surface.

23, table, indicator light or control parts are defective to prohibit the operation of the machine.

24, when the boot to listen to whether there is abnormal noise, timely detection of reasons to prevent damage to the machine.

25. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to open the chassis and guardrail. The former protects the high-speed moving saw car and the latter protects the high-speed moving program-controlled pusher.

26. Use and Limit Use

27. Use the machine within the limits of the specified technical parameters.

28. It is forbidden to use the machine for other purposes.

29, do not use the machine to cut the plate beyond the machine thickness.

30. Do not overload the machine.

31, the use of small, cracked saw blade.

32. Do not place tools, utensils, or agricultural clothing on the machine.

33. The machine is designed to operate by one person and prohibits multiple operations.

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