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How to maintain woodworking edge banding machine in winter?

The fully automatic woodworking edge banding machine is a practical woodworking machine that replaces manual edge banding of wooden boards. It has multiple functions to facilitate workers’ operation. This type of machine works in a high-frequency, high-dust industrial environment. If it is not properly maintained, the machine is prone to problems. Winter is coming, and the recent temperatures have dropped below 0 degrees. United Asia reminds you that in addition to daily equipment maintenance, you also need to pay attention to special maintenance in winter.

1.Water removal from gas source

The air compressor gas storage tank and the edge banding machine gas storage tank should be drained once a week.

The oil-water separator on the edge banding machine must be drained once a day.

If there is water in the air pipe, it may freeze and cause problems such as the cutting machine alarm and inability to operate, the edge banding machine cylinder being inoperable, etc., affecting normal production.

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2.Edge banding with insulation/board preheating

If the temperature is too low, the edge banding strip will become hard and brittle, and the adhesion effect of the edge banding will become poor. You can install an edge banding tape insulation box to improve the edge banding band adhesion effect.

For edge banding machines with a preheating function, the preheating function should be turned on to preheat the board during edge banding to improve the firmness of the bonding.

3.Equipment maintenance and lubrication

The air is humid and cold in winter. Lubricating oil should be replenished in time to ensure that mechanical transmission parts such as guide rails, racks, chains, and universal joints are protected by lubricating oil. Inspection of running parts: Regularly check the sound and temperature of each running part for abnormal noise and heat. Some exposed UC bearings should be oiled regularly.

Lubricate moving parts regularly. Like a conveyor reducer, nine out of ten are broken because of lack of oil! Lack of fuel is absolutely unacceptable!


When winter comes, we need to prevent mice or small animals, lock electrical boxes and control cabinets, and check wires and pipelines regularly to prevent small animals (especially mice) from keeping warm inside and chewing the wires and causing losses.

5.Focus on cleaning

It is necessary to keep all positions and functions of the edge banding machine clean, such as gluing. If there is glue brought out by the plate near the glue pot, it will solidify after touching other parts, which will directly affect its normal operation. Therefore, these hot melt adhesives need to be handled frequently. The earlier the better, the glue will be difficult to remove after a long time!

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The pre-milling function, flushing function, edge trimming, and edge scraping functions will produce a large amount of cutting waste, edge banding, etc. Even with a vacuum cleaner, it is impossible to clean them. Excessive accumulation of edge banding chips and wood chips will directly affect each sliding and rolling bearing or other parts, and will also affect edge trimming. So whenever you’re off work, it’s a good idea to blow it with an air gun!

6.Temperature regulation

Temperature during edge sealing Since the performance indicators of edge sealing hot melt adhesive are affected by temperature, temperature is an indicator that requires great attention during the edge sealing operation. During edge banding, the temperature of the hot melt adhesive, the temperature of the base material, the temperature of the edge banding material, and the temperature of the working environment (the workshop where the semi-automatic edge banding machine is located) are all very important edge banding parameters. In a semi-automatic edge banding machine, since the glue is applied to the base material, a base material with a temperature that is too low will cause the hot melt adhesive to solidify in advance, causing the glue to stick to the base material. However, it will not adhere firmly to the edge sealing material. It is best to keep the temperature of the substrate above 20°C. The working environment temperature of the semi-automatic edge banding machine will affect the curing speed of the glue. Factories often have edge sealing problems in seasons with low temperatures. The reason is that the curing speed of hot melt adhesive is accelerated at low temperatures and the effective bonding time is shortened. If the feed speed of the semi-automatic edge banding machine cannot be changed (in most cases), the board and edge banding materials must be preheated to ensure the edge banding quality.

Treatment of the edge-sealing glue line of a semi-automatic edge banding machine. After edge-sealing, the glue line between the board and the edge-banding tape will have a negative impact on the appearance of panel furniture. If the amount of glue applied is too large, the glue line will be obvious, and conversely, it will reduce the edge sealing strength. There are many reasons for the phenomenon of discontinuous or uneven glue lines. The following factors must be comprehensively considered: the cutting accuracy of the board, the edge of the board must maintain an angle of 90° with its plane; Whether the pressure of the pressure roller of the edge banding machine is evenly distributed and of appropriate size, and the pressure direction should be at an angle of 90° to the edge of the plate; whether the glue coating roller is intact, whether the hot melt glue is evenly applied on it, and whether the amount of glue applied is appropriate; The plates with sealed edges should be stored in a relatively clean place with less dust as much as possible. During the regular process, prevent dirty things from coming into contact with the glue lines.

Recommendation: EVA granular glue temperature setting: 180-195; PUR glue machine temperature setting: 160-175.

Post time: Jan-31-2024