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SM120T China Wood Sliding Table Shaper Factories

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As an advanced woodworking tool, the SM120T Sliding Table Shaper is favored by professionals for its high precision, versatility and easy operation. It not only improves the efficiency of woodworking, but also gives wood more shapes and creative possibilities. SM120T Sliding Table Shaper adopts high-quality guide rail system and precision slide design, which can ensure stability during processing and avoid processing errors caused by vibration and other problems. At the same time, it is also equipped with precision cutting devices and planing blades, which can help you achieve finer and smoother processing effects, making your work more professional. With its advanced drive system and powerful power, this machine can handle a variety of wood types with ease and complete processing tasks quickly. It features an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to get started and flexibly adjust to your needs. As a professional woodworking sliding table shaper supplier, we not only focus on product quality, but also on customer needs, and are committed to providing efficient and accurate processing solutions. Let us embrace the power of technology and inject more wisdom and professionalism into the woodworking industry. If you are interested in woodworking sliding table shaper, consult us to learn more and look forward to working with you to create a better future!

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Main spindle speed


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- The main shaft of the workbench can be raised and lowered, and the hand rocker is designed for easy rotation.

- High-quality workbench is built to last.

- Independent control buttons, easy to operate.

- The backing baffle is tightly locked for greater stability.

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